Thomas “Bugsy” Henderson

Thomas “Bugsy” Henderson has cultivated and studied every aspect of cannabis, from seed to germination cycle to mature flower, since his youth. With more than 35 years of experience, he is a master grower.

With in-depth knowledge of a multitude of cultivation techniques using hydroponic systems, greenhouse and warehouse environments and outdoor farming methods, Thomas has always returned to soil-based growing, having discovered that controlling and maintaining soil nutrients is easier to control and more efficient to maintain.

He has established and managed grow operations in both glass and UV plastic half-loop structures and mastered techniques to facilitate ideal soil and light conditions for optimal quality and maximum yields. He has developed a proprietary blend of nutrients and organic plant supplements to achieve superior results. He also adheres to organic growing methods to ensure his plants are free of toxic contaminants.

Thomas also has extensive knowledge cloning mother plants, which enables him to ensure genetic purity of each strain he grows, expedite growing seasons by eliminating the time-consuming seed to germination process, and improving profits by increasing potential for high-quality, high-yield harvests. He has learned from experience that having more than five mothers of different and popular strains in one half loop greenhouse, can produce an astounding amount of the product in a very short time.

In his capacity as a principal at MCG and TRF, he will apply his extensive knowledge and expertise to growing hemp in scalable outdoor and greenhouse environments with the same attention to detail required to grow medicinal cannabis to ensure the highest quality of seeds oil the plant will produce.