Rabbit Hole Farm

Above the Red River in Atoka County, Oklahoma

  • Natural Springs and a flowing creek provide year-Round Clean Water Sources.
  • Sustainable Water Sourcing, Power and Advanced Permaculture Techniques and Bio-Dynamic soil building lead to self-sustaining Organic Utopia for our Cannabis and Minimize Environmental Impact
  • Rolling wooded terrain with a flowing creek Create an Enchanting Landscape.

Master Cannabis Growers grow both Indoor and Outdoors.

We grow both indoors and out because  there are obvious benefits to both – free light and cheap land versus control and consistency. Climate is a factor. Plants need sun and warmth to thrive. Latitude makes a difference in daylight hours and length of the grow season. We have that in Oklahoma for an outdoor grow. Indoors allow us to completely control the environment, including temperature, light source, CO2 levels, and humidity, without having to worry about weather. Indoor will allow us to produce flower with higher THC percentages. Each grow room through rotation allows each room to produce five crops a year.

Mothers and clones start their life cycle in our indoor grow rooms. After repotting, plants move to standard greenhouses, continue their vegetative phase before moving outside for the flowering phase.
Indoor grow also allows us to experiment which can hold several trials at one time. Example of a room with 70 wider spaced plants can produce the same yield as 100 plants.

“There are merits to both indoors and outdoors”    “You always need a bit of a blend”